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Phillip Schofield branded ‘obnoxious, horrible man’ by Kim Woodburn | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV |

Kim continued her tirade about Phil, despite him being one of ITV’s most popular entertainers.

With fellow panellists Coronation Street’s Charlie Lawson and British talent manager Jonathan Shalit unable to get a word in, Kim alleged that Phillip had stopped her from appearing in the Dancing On Ice audience earlier this year. 

Kim claimed she had been invited to attend by a friend, until the 61-year-old put paid to the idea. 

She explained: “I couldn’t get in to see my friend skating recently. He said ‘would you come on the night?’ And I said ‘certainly I will’. And then it turned out that Phillip did not want me on the show because he would go among the audience and chat, and if I was on the front row he thought I might say something to him.

Kim didn’t spare Holly from her rant either, as she laid into the 42-year-old mother-of-three for “aiding and abetting” her co-host during their long-term working relationship. 

After Dan made claims that Phil had been “interrupting” and “dominating” her on air in recent times, Kim raged: “On the subject of Holly I’ll be brief. Holly has aided and abetted him all these years. Now she sits on that sofa and knows he comes out with these things that are extremely unkind and nasty and uncalled for. 

“Does she say ‘excuse me, Phil, I don’t agree with you’?. No. She sits there saying ‘Oh Phillip’ and has no point of view. Why is she on the show? 

“If she’s put on a show – a top show like this – where she’s earning a shed-load of money you should choose someone who has something to say. 

“And Holly seems a sweet, little woman – and that’s it.” has contacted ITV for comment.

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