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Eamonn Holmes ‘too scared to put his feet up’ claims GB News colleague | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV |

Eamonn Holmes, 63, has been regularly sharing health updates, revealing that he had been suffering from disc problems for a year and a half, caused by a dislocated pelvis.

The GB News presenter has also been learning to walk again following surgery on his back in September, leaving Eamonn “desperate for results” in his recovery.

Saira Khan, 52, a close friend and former GB News colleague, has spoken to about her friend’s health issues, admitting that he struggles taking time away from work “because he comes from a generation where you just get on with it”.

The former Loose Women panellist explained: “I think he’s incredible because he’s in a lot of pain all the time. He really doesn’t moan about it, he just gets on with it and is amazingly professional and I learn and learned a lot from him.

“I know with Eamonn and the same with a lot of people, that they can’t stop something they have dedicated their whole life to.

“You don’t see it as work, you just love doing it, so it’s very difficult to switch off.”

Saira then shared her concern for Eamonn’s health due to his desire to continue his hectic work schedule.

“Slow progress … but great dedication to me here. I’m so desperate for results.”

In line with Sleep Awareness Month, Saira has partnered with Woolroom to raise awareness of the UK’s unhealthy sleeping habits and educate the nation about how clean sleeping should be taken just as seriously as clean eating.

Speaking of the partnership, Saira said: “It took me many years to fully appreciate how important sleep is for me. Like so many people, I did not relate sleep to being integral to my overall health and well-being.

“Now in my 50s and going through menopause, I really understand the healing powers of a good night’s sleep and have put a focus on researching the right mattress, bedding and the right fibre to sleep with.

“I’ve finally realised that by prioritising a good night’s clean sleep as much as a clean diet and physical exercise, I am improving my overall mental and physical health.”

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